Sculptural Felting

SKULPTUREL FILTNING (Sculptural felting)
By Birgitte Krag Hansen
Publisher: Høst & Søns Forlag, Copenhagen, 1999
ISBN 87-14-29479-6
The book is out of print

Skulpturel Filtning (Sculptural felting) has many instructive drawings and photos and it describes a number of new felting techniques that I have developed since the last book. The book has 69 pages.

The book is in Danish, but an English translation (written by Patricia Spark) is available as a booklet. Please be aware that you will need the original book to make sense of the translation booklet.


Relief technique The relief is made of sculptured wool that has been felted down on a background.

Trees and stumps The trees are wrapped around a sculptured bundle of wires made massive or made with templates.

Picture technique Instructions on how to make a landscape and a face.

Marionetdoll technique The dolls are felted on a skeleton of wire.

New gnoms

Developing the soft sculpural doll The technique has been improved and there are now a number of new possibilities and at the same time the technique has been made easier.

3D felting using templates This technique has been revolutionarily developed and is now used for animals as well as dolls and gnoms.

Jewllery felting

The felting needle is a very good tool for nearly all the techniques and the book describes how to use it.