About Myself

  • I was born in 1946.
  • I am teacher by training with art, craft and psychology as specialities.
  • I have worked with felt for 32 years and I have developed several new felt techniques including the soft sculptural technique and the relief technique.
  • I have worked for three theatres and for the Danish TV (set design and dolls)
  • I give courses in Denmark and abroad – and I have travelled a lot both as teacher at workshops and to participate in international felt symposiums.
  • Among other projects I have made a felting project for women in South Greenland teaching them how to use their wool to make felted souvenirs for the tourists, and I have made Felt in Nature projects in Norway and Denmark.
  • During a period I worked on exhibitions in my studio, felting big animals, such as eagles, owls, orangutangs, bears, wolfs and dogs.
  • 2015-2017 I have worked on a chair project together with my friend Guri Petersen. We personified 3 chairs with mythologic themes.
  • I felted and Guri made machrame and braidings etc.
  • 2017 I made a big room-installation together with my friend Guri, who made long pieces of macrame on which I made felted human sized  mythologic women, standing and sitting in this installation. On the walls around this installation we made women portraits on macrame pieces.
  • I am now working on a projekt with women portraits, needled on either felted or transparent background.

My book “FILT I FORM” (Felt in Form) was published in 1992. Publisher: Høst & Søns Forlag, Copenhagen. Among others things the book describes my special techniques. The book was reprinted in 1998.Now out of print. My second book, “SKULPTUREL FILTNING” (Sculptural Felting), was published in 1999.Now out of print. My third book “NY FILT MED FILTENÅLEN”.Publisher: Klematis, was published autumn 2003. Now out of print.(English edition “NEW FELT USING THE FELT NEEDLE” published spring 2004) now out of print.- and my next book “NISSEFILT”. Publisher: Klematis was published 2004 (English edition “PIXIE FELT” published 2005).”DYREFILT MED FILTENÅLEN”. Publisher: Klematis, was published 2007. (English version “ANIMAL FELT USING THE FELT NEEDLE). My latest book “FILT- NEMT OG SJOVT”. Publisher: Klematis was published 2008. (English edition FELT- EASY AND FUN was published 2009). See the menu for more information about the books.