Gallery 34 – The exhibition Northern Light

May 2012 the group VALENKI for the second time arranged an exhibition with felted things in “Det Roede Pakhus” in Hobro, Denmark. The group has four members who are all felt makers. They have worked together for some years and consists of: Merete Stoltze, Tove Alsner, Inger Mortensen and Anne Bak Markers. Feltmakers from Scandinavia were invited to exhibit and we got the theme “NORTHERN LIGHT” as inspiratin title for the exhibition. Unfortunately the felt works from Greenland did not arrive in time for the exhibition, because of troubles with the ice in the fjord.

Following participant exhibited:

  • Denmark: Bente Ravn Toft, Birgitte Krag Hansen, Charlotte Buch, Inge Boegsted Olsen, Jette Hahne, Lis Bresson
  • Iceland: Anna Gunnarsdottir
  • Faroe Island: Ása Hátún
  • Norway: Evelyn Refsahl, Karin Flatoy Svarstad, Bjoerg Sorensen Greiner
  • Sweeden: Yvonne Habbe
  • Tyskland: Dagmar Binder

It was a wonderful inspiration to get a theme to work with and rather quick I chose the wolf as my main theme for what I worked with for the exhibition. For me the wolf and the northern light belong together and as I just had got a nice big pre-felted fleece in the perfect color for a wolf it was fine for me.

My first work was a relief of a wolfs head and while I worked with it I learned a lot about the wolfs nature and how it looked by studying a lot of pictures of it. My next work was a sitting wolf in relief and in full size, felted of a big prefelted piece of fleece. This work took more than a month to make. After that I made a little wolf puppy howling to the northern light.

I also made two different big eyes of a wolf.

Together with Guri from the shop next to me I made a lamp that symbolized the northern light. It had a shield made of dyed reindeer skin. The foot was a root from a tree and four little needle-felted heads symbolized north east south west. Together we also made a dream catcher with a wolf´s head and a picture with a row of wolfs in silhouette.

It was nice to be able to take part in the opening of the exhibition and talk with many of the other artists who came.

I have chosen to show some works out of the many fine things that were exhibited.