Doll Of The Month – Old Man

Doll of the month for April is inspired of the very early spring here in Denmark with the naked tree trunks in sharp light we have right now. The trunks have the most fantastic colors and the shapes of them are so sculptural and makes me think of simplified bodies where faces of old men and women placed on the trunks makes the whole wood gets alive. Again – like when I have made photos for doll of the month it is something special to take the doll out in the nature, because it feels like it belongs there.

The doll is big this month and for the body I have used different kinds of raw wool, that I have carded and mixed on my indispensable carding machine, some wool is very, very course and some is fine. Most of it is with nature colors but there is a faint layer of green and ochre on the surface.

The face is made with a lot of details, wrinkles and colors that are chosen to make the face look really old.