Doll of the month – Little singing birds

These two little singing bird have nearly natural size and they are from this technique for birds I have worked with the last half year. I love to study the birds and find pictures of them until I know in every detail how this certain bird, that I will make, looks.

I use a very very fine rainbow dyed merino for them, so I have all the shades of beautiful colors I need to make them look alive.
The bird with the red breast is a bullfinch (pyrrhula pyrrhula). It is 13 cm long.

The little bird with the green colors is a goldcrest (regulus regulus). It is 10,5 cm long.
It is very exciting to bring the birds out in the nature and make photos of them and see how much alive they look as if they belong there.
I also love to place them in a window or on a branch or at a flower in my home.