Gallery 33 – Whitsun Seminar In Norway

Whitsun- seminar in Norway arranged by Tone Tvedt from the firm “Ullform”.

In the most beautifull weather, we were three teachers – Charlotte Buch, Dagmar Bendner and I, who were invited to give feltcourses at an old renovated spinnery in Hjelmeland near Stavanger.

It was wonderfull days, where we enjoyed teaching and got many extra experiences with tours and social gathering.

It showed up to be a very good idea to have all three courses at the same time, because we could see each others work and the spinnery was humming from energy and creativity.

The students, who were accomodated near by the spinnery, could work in the evenings, when we three teachers with our  husbands went to Tones big summerhouse, that is lying out in the archipelago on an island.There we enjoied the warm summer evenings.

One of the evenings there was arranged a tour for all participants with an old veteran wooden sailship, where we got shrimps and crabs with white vine. Wonderfull tour.