Gallery 28 – Mask For Danish Television

In this gallery you can see the mask I have made for a television series for the Danish television. The series has 13 episodes and tells about Johanne who lives in the troll forest, where the troll also lives.

In every episode a guest from the society visits her and we are told what this particular guest does for living. Up till now there has been a policeman, a ballet dancer and an opera singer as guests. When the guest has visited Johanne and wants to find his way home, then he is sent over to the clever oak tree and that is the one I made.

I have needle felted the mask and developed a system, which makes it possible to animate the mask. Every part of the face can be moved separately of the puppeteer that stands behind the mask. The guest that ask the clever oak how to find his way home must then give a gift as thank you, so eventually there are hanging many gifts on the tree.