Gallery 27 – Australia October 2005

Nature pictures from our tour to Australia October 2005

I travelled together with Merete Stolze and her husband Jens.

Our tour was both a tour, where we wanted to meet the Australian feltmakers and see how they worked with the felt and see all the fantastic materials they use. As a part of the tour we also wanted to see the nature and how that influenced on the felt and how it could inspire us.

It has in many ways been a great great inspiration and in this gallery I will try to show you a little of all that inspiration.

First of all the eucalyptus trees in Australia were such an inspiration both because there were so many beautiful ones and because they were so different ( I think there were about 50 different kinds)and it was so obvious that the Australians loved them.

Another thing was the characteristics they had that made them capable to survive the many forest fires they have in Australia. We heard so many stories about those trees.

Another inspiration and a big surprise was to see and hear the many animals living wild. Those big birds of all kinds that had the most fantastic songs and their voices were so loud and pretty and the kangaroos were around at many places.