Gallery 13 – My Work For And With The Theatre “Konkylie”

Dolls and set ups for “The Tinderbox” by H.C.Andersen – and photos from the open rehearsals on Svanekegaarden on Bornholm.

I have in April-May felted dolls and made set ups to H.C. Andersens The Tinderbox for the theater Konkylje: The play is dramatised by Preben Harris inspired by the famous Lithuanian dollmaker Vitaljus Mazuras.

Preben Harris, who took the initiativ to start the dolltheater Konkylje, is a very well known theaterperson. He has been the leader of one of the big danish theaters, Folketeatret, for many years and he has now among other things started a center for dolltheater at Svanekegaarden on Bornholm.

In the play there are both dolls in human size as well as glove puppets and human actors.

It has been a very exiting and deeply inspiring process to work with this play together with the two highly professional actors Kim Harris and Anna Reumert. During the process I have had to find many new ways of making the effects on the dolls and these new techniques will follow me to my further work with the felt.

As a climacs on this working-process there was arranged a weeks open rehearsals on the center of doll-theater where we worked on with the play and I showed the public how to felt a mask.

There was record-high number of visitors on the center those days, and it sure was a fascinating experience to follow the actors in their work finding the right expression for the dolls.

Among other things they showed how to find the right voice for the dolls and as there was not less than 5 voices on one of the scenes at the same time one could really see how highly professional they were.

The premiere of the play will be late September.