Online Courses

Many people around the World have asked me to arrange local feltmaking courses, but due to lack of time it has not been possible for me to arrange courses for all those who have asked. As an alternative to the courses I have now set up online, interactive feltmaking courses on the Internet.

By signing up for an online course you get access to comprehensive instructions on your computer via the Internet. You also get the possibility of asking questions to me if you need help with the instructions.

Included in the courses:

  • You learn how to felt an object by following the instructions (photos and drawings as well as text – and even videos in the latest course)
  • You get the possibility of asking questions to me
  • You can print out the instructions (depending on your operating system, browser and printer) or save them on your computer for later use

You will find that an online course is kind of a mixture between reading about the techniques in a book and following a real course – but:

  1. It is better than a book because the instructions are much more thourough.
  2. The process is illustrated with a large number of photos – on an online course you don’t have the same limitations as in a book where only a small number of photos can be included
  3. There are many instructive drawings
  4. You get the possibility of asking me questions
  5. You can also save the whole course for later use by printing it or saving it on your computer (for your own use only)

This kind of course can obviously never be the same as following a real course – but it will be a very good substitude.

Please note: All online courses are in English.

Available courses

Course 3: On this course you will learn how to needle-felt a hand that you can use for many different needled dolls. The hand is attached to an arm that is made in a new technique that I have developed. It makes it very movable and good for using the dolls as “actors”

Course 2: On this course you will learn how to needle-felt a little long-haired dog with a very charming face. This new online course includes a number of small video files with instructions

Course 1: On this course you will learn how to needle and felt a face that looks very much alive and you will learn how to felt a body (dress) for this head