Online Course 3

On this FREE course you will learn how to needle-felt a hand that you can use for many different needled dolls. The hand is attached to an arm that is made in a new technique that I have developed. It makes it very movable and good for using the dolls as “actors”. The online course includes a lot of pictures, drawings and video clips that show you how to make the hand.

IMPORTANT: Compared to my other online courses this course is quite basic. It gives you an introduction to a specific part of the process of needle felting a doll. This course is free and it therefore does not include the interactive features of my other online courses that include access to a asking me questions about the course.

The course will step by step show you how to work:

1. By looking at photos of the working procedure.
2. By following the instructive text and drawings.
3. By watching videos of the working procedure.


You need to know the basics of needle-felting in order to follow this course.

Time needed

The time you will need for this course will be about 1-2 hours depending on how experienced you are.


You will need:

  • A medium gauge felt needle (40)
  • A piece of hard foam rubber 30x30x5 cm.
  • Carded wool for the arm in a colour you like, and carded wool for the hand in skin colour – of a quality that is not too long-fibered and that can contain much air (don’t use merino in tops).
  • A drinking straw (about 3-4 mm in diameter)

Technicals requirement and information

The browser-version of the course is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8 or newer. You will also be able to view the course with Google Chrome and Firefox but these browsers do not handle the compressed pictures as well as Internet Explorer. If you do not use Internet Explorer (or if you use and old version of Internet Explorer) you should use the PDF-version of the online course.

You also need to have a media player that support the MotionJPEG-codec in order to use the included video clips (most media players support MotionJPEG). The size of the video clips is up to 40 MB per file and may therefore take a long time to download if you are using a dial-up modem.


You are only allowed to download and use the online course yourself. You are not allowed to distribute it in any form without my written consent.

Signing up

This course is free. It is available in two versions:

The browser version: The best way to use the course, but only recommended if you use Internet Explorer 8 or a newer browser.

The PDF-version: You download a single PDF-file with four pages. This PDF-file is compatible with almost all operating systems (including iOS and Android units) and also ensures a high picture quality.