Online Course 1

On this course you will learn how to needle and felt a face that looks very much alive. You will also learn how to felt a body (dress) for this head.

The technique you learn for this head can be used for many other kind of dolls.

The course will step by step show you how to make the figure:

  1. By looking at photos of the entire procedure
  2. By following the instructive text and drawings
  3. And you will have the possibility of asking questions directly to me

Please note: Online Course 1 was introduced in 2002. It is not as technically advanced as the later courses and does not include the videos and high resolution image that are part of the newer courses.


You need to know the basics of feltmaking in order to follow this course. You should at least have had some experience with felting things like a compact ball and a flat piece. This course will not include the basics of feltmaking.


You will need:

  • A medium (gauge 36) and a fine (gauge 38) feltneedle
  • A big pointed sewing needle
  • A piece of foam rubber 30x30x5 cm (12x12x2 inches)
  • Carded wool of a quality that is not too long-fibered. Harrisville and Finn wool is good (don’t use Merino)
  • A colour for the face (50 gram) and three or four colours to use for the dress (50 gram of one and just a little for the surface of the others)
  • Some raw fleece for the hair and for the dress to make it troll-like
  • A towel and a straw-mat
  • A net of plastic (like a mosquito net) or a piece of net curtain
  • Soap (I use soap flakes, olive soap bars or glycerin soap bars). Be carefull not to use detergent soap

You can buy a kit with the needles and the different kinds of wool neded for the course from Susan Fiber Shop and Sharon Costello.

It is also recommended that your computer and monitor supports medium or high color quality (at least 10 bit colors). The pictures on the website are compressed in order to make the download quicker and if your computer only supports low color quality you may not be able to se all the details on the pictures.

The pages are best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer.

Time needed

The time you will need for this doll depends very much of how trained you are in felting. On my courses students need between 2 and 3 hours to needle and felt the face, and then for the body you will need 1 – 1½ hour.

Signing up

Price: $35

By signing up to this course you get unlimited access to the online course website for 30 days. During this time you can also ask questions to me on the interactive messageboard.

The course is an online course and not a book. The pages are optimized for viewing on the computer screen. You may print the pages (depending on your operating system, browser and printer), but printing the pages is not supported and the pages are not designed for printing. Printing the pages or saving them on your computer for later use is for your own use only – you are not allowed to distribute the materials. Signing up includes access for one person. You are not allowed to let others use your username and password. Access to the online course website is automatically monitored and if a username and password is used on two or more different computers the access for that username will be closed immediately.

Payments are processed by PayPal, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account: You can pay by all major credit cards or by using a PayPal account. It may take up to 48 hours for your payment to be processed. As soon as your payment has been processed you will receive an e-mail with your username, password and others details needed to access the course. If you have not recieved the e-mail within a couple of days you should check your spam-filter and then send us an e-mail.

Examples of how the doll can look

You can use the techniques you learn to vary the look of the dolls

Examples from at student

Here is an example of a students work. Britta Burenius from Sweden made this wonderfull doll and she has kindly allowed me to use it here.

I have translated some of her comments to the course. She writes:

“I have been trying to felt two dolls before, looking in the books, but I did not succeed with the skin and the faces were not so good either, but with this course it was no problem. Now I understand why I had those problems – I can really recommand the course. It is clearly explained and there are no problems making the face with Åddebos Finnwool. But I tried four times to make the hands and at last I wrapped wool around pipecleaners. Here, of course, I took this idea from your books. I look forward to the next online-course and I hope it will be available soon. Maybe students who joined this course will get a message when it comes?”