Working with the new exhibition at Gallery Magica

My friend Guri and I are now working on our exhibition at the gallery Magica. There will be an opening May 19. but the big room-installation that we are working on, takes a lot of time to make. Guri is making the macrame net and I am making the human size women sculptures that will be placed in this installation. We will also make a serie of other pictures with this combination of  macrame-net and different kinds of needlefelted pictures placed on them.
Guri has arranged her working place at her home so she can have enough space for those big nets and I work in my workshop at my table with those big human-sized women figures, and the different needlefelted pictures as well.
During the working proces it has been very exiting that I have found new techniques that gives quite different possibilyties in the expression I can make with my work.
I must also tell that we are very glad that Hillesvaag Woolfactory from Norway have donated the yarn we use for the nets as well as Janni from Fjordgaarden.

Here´s one of the human size women that will be placed in the big room-installation
at the exhibition. You can see the net that also will be a part of the installation behind

This sitting woman is also a part of the room-installation.

This old grandmother is one of the smaller pictures at the exhibition.

Here Guri is working on another of the pictures for the exhibition. The eye!

Here´s the eye.

Here´s a young needle-felted girl waiting for the net she will be sitting on.

And here´s an old woman, also waiting to be placed on a background.

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