Working with the last part of our exhibition.

Here Guri is working with the last part of long pieces for our common big room installation, that should be finished for the opening at galleri Magica in Roskilde May 19.
I am about to make the last big womanbody that will be monted between the long macramé pieces that Guri makes.
The yarn is donated from the Norwegian Hillesvaag Ullvarefabrik and without that we would not have been able to make this big room installation that really needs a lot of yarn. Actually we have got a palette of colors that has made it possible to involve all the seasons of the year.
Except the big sculpture we have made a combination of felt and macramé, both for wallhangings and wallsculptures.
For the wallsculpture we have used yarn, that we have got as a donation from Fjordgården that is an organic farm lying at the fjord near by.
That´s where we last year made an exhibition with FELT IN NATURE and this can still be seen as the things are ment to stay there.

Girl hidden behind a macramé net.

Closer look at the child.

The fire

Guri with the doated yarn.

In front you can se some knittet ropes for the wallsculpture.

Guri has nearly finished one of the long pieces for the roomscupture.

The finished piece.



  1. Cheryl Chesnut says

    Wonderful and creative! How long will your latest exhibition be shown? What you do with fiber is exciting and opens wonderful diminsions into our creativity!

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