What I have worked with during this summer.

My routine -updating my website has not been working very well this summer. Now it is time for me to tell about my latest projects.
From spring and during the first part of the summer I have worked with the project i call forest-spirits. I wanted to work with raw fleece again and found a sack of wool I had bought at the Norwegian firm Hillesvaag Ullvarefabrik when I was teaching in Norway. The wool was washed and ready to use so I started immediately. I wanted to shape some little stumps that could look like forest-spirits.
The raw wool is so good to work with and it is feeding your imagination. So one spirit after the other emerged and I nearly could not stop  again because new ideas came again and again.
I also started to make a lot of braidings for these spirits. I love those braidings that are made as 3,4 and 5 braidings.
While I worked with the spirit project I had a course with a group that uses to test my new techniques, so they made forest-spirits and it was wonderful to see all those different spirits they made at this course.
After the course i still wanted to work with the forest-spirits and they were also used for two of “The doll of the month” I use to sell from my website.
On the eco-farm “Fjordgaarden” where me and my friend Guri have made our felt in nature project, we have followed how it has developed during the two years it has been hanging out there in the nature.The objects have grown more and more together with the nature and they even fit better and better in the nature. The birds have eaten a little from the eyes of the masks and the big dream-catcher has fallen down as well as one of my big masks. We decided from the beginning that we were not allowed to repair on anything at the exhibition, so I took my big mask with me and now it has got a new life in my own garden, where I imagine that people can be scarry when they see it.
On this eco-farm they sell vegetables and fruit and as well as last year I have made some little felted items that can be sold from same room.
I have made pictures of little kittens and when I have started on them I nearly cant stop again as they look so sweet.
-and then suddenly I had started to needle-felt porraits of dogs. First one of my friend´s dog and later other cute dogs.
Well, time is near for my next exhibition where I exhibit together with 36 artist from Denmark.
There I exhibit two human size relief-women, one standing and one sitting and together with them I have made a big flying raven that dives down to the women. this raven is made with my new technique, where I use thin invisible fabric to felt on so the object gets more alive.
One of the forest- spirits
Another forets spirit -and with braided hair.
More forest spirits.
And another kind of forest spirits.
A forest spirit with more bright colors.
-And one who is scarred.
Another group of spirits.
From my birdcourse.
Kittens to be sold at the organic farm where our exhibition “Felt in Nature is hanging.
The mask that fell down at the exhibition and got a new life in my garden.
And then the first dog.
-and the next dog.
And right now I am working on a raven for my next exhibition.




  1. I really love your work! How do I subscribe to course 3? Greetings Cathrien

  2. Paula Roe says

    I will be travelling in Norway June 2019. Is your work on display anywhere there? I understand trolls are very popular in Norway. Hoping to see some felted ones!

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