Two eager Swedish women on my private course

This week I have had two eager Sweedish women on private course at my workshop here in Holbaek.
They stayed at our hostel and were lucky to get a room with view to the water at the fjord.
Pamela was inspired of the grandmother doll I had just made to be doll of the month for May on this website and Annika who had never needlefelted before chose a more easy thing- the little theater figure, which she even made more detailed than the model.
We had two and a half busy days and Pamela even had to take home work with her to the hostel the last evening.
But we had both nice and funny days together.


Pamela with the body of her grandmother


Pamela tries if the head fits the body

She really loves her grandmother


-and the bald grandmother


Here she is, the nearly finished grandmother and behind her you can se my doll of the month for May


Annika with her gren theatre figure


The theatre figure has got a leg


The proud mother



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