The thin veil (my latest exhibition)

This summer my computer has been very difficult to work with so that is why I have not been able to show anything from my two latest exhibitions . Now I have got a new computer and I look forward to show photos from those exhibitions.
The first one was exhibited in Gallery Magica in a town called Roskilde near Copenhagen.
If any of you read the September Magazine “Feltmatters” I have been invited to write about this Exhibition there.
The Exhibition is concentrated on a big room-installation, called “The Thin Veil”
My friend Guri Lundberg Petersen and I made it together. She makes macramé in long broad pieces made of colored wool yarn, hanging from the ceiling, and in the room between these thin veils as we call them, I have made big felted women sculptures in human size, sitting, standing, waving- and all made with my new technique, where i needle on thin textile (I call it my waving technique).Those women have a reference to legendary women featured in old legends from the Nordic sagas.

All the other pieces that were exhibited referred somehow to the big room-installation.

Here´s a detail of the big room-installation

Another detail of the room-installation

A woman flying into the installation

A faint look of a woman

This is the daughter of one of the women in the installation

An old woman hanging in the surroundings of the installation

A sculpture of many eyes where you can guess who the women are and whrer they come from

A woman full of sorrow


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