The mongolian felt artist and ethnolog Tangad Danaajav is visiting Denmark

A month ago I got a mail from Tangads son Yeruult, who lives here in Denmark. He told that his father would come and visit him after finally having got a visa. The father had expressed that on his staying here he wanted to visit me at my workshop and his son asked me if it might be possible also to arrange a seminar with his father, now he was here.

In spite of the very short notice I decided that it had to be done and we succeeded thanks to the Danish Handcraft Union, the felt union Grima and two other textile groups.

It showed up during my e-mail correspondence with Yeruult, the son, that the father is both scientist and feltartist and is known far and wide. He is on his way to Denmark giving a lecture at the university in Warsaw, where his daughter is professor and he is going to Gotland to give a lecture at a seminar arranged by Gunilla Paetau Sjøberg, whom he knows from earlier and he is also giving a lecture in Paris.

He has for many years studied felt findings in Mongolia and has written 6 books about the felt. His own most famous art piece is a carpet inspired from a 3000 years old finding and it took him four years to make it. This carpet is now considered Mongolian national treasure.

Tangad newly celebrated his 70 years  birthday and at this occasion the Mongolian TV made a broadcast with him, that can be seen at You Tube

It became a very big experience to meet Tangad and his family and to hear his lecture.

He has a special dignity and creates a certain magic atmosphere around him.

In the lecture he told about past present and future in Mongolian felt art. We heard about their felt traditions and we got a very exiting insight in what the symbols in the decorations of the carpets meant and how the different carpets were used in the felt ger (tent).

After the lecture we had the pleasure to hear Tangads wife sing a beautiful Mongolian song and we experienced that she is teaching song.

When I found out how much knowledge Tangad had, I decided to contact the Danish National Museum, because I imagined that they could be interested in talking with him, because I know that they have a very fine collection of Mongolian things (among them felted things) that were brought home of the Danish explorer Haslund Christensen, while he travelled in the Mongolia that at that time was a closed country. By an unbelievable coincidence it showed up that a scientist, Christel Braa was just about publishing a publication exactly about the felted things in this collection and she very much wanted Tangad to look at her photo material. From what I understand it was a successful meeting they had, where both got important knowledge.


Tangad Danaajav and his wife together with Anne (right) and me (left.)


Tangad and I talking before the seminar


Tangads wife and daughter i law talking with a Mongolian guest who lives in Denmark.


There was full house to the seminar.


Yeruult is translating his fathers lecture.


Tangad in front of his carpet inspired of a 3000 years old finding.








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