The “KRAKA” chair.

Now our chair number two is finished.
Again it has been a great pleasure to work together with my friend Guri on making this idea get alive.
This chair is quite different from the first one we made.
After I have been drawing croquis for two seasons, I got the basic idea already while we worked with the last part of our first chair. I imagined a naked woman sitting on a chair as a relief against the back of the chair.
Guri, whom I work with, got the idea to make a fishnet of macramé that should cover the whole figure and then the myth of KRAKA was nearby, because the myth says that Kraka should neither be dressed nor naked.
First we got hold of another old chair and a neighbour made a flat wooden head shape on top of the back of the chair. A pair of beautiful high heeled shoes were the first she was “dressed” with and then I could start to mix a body color for her on my carding machine, while Guri measured the long threads for the fishnet and started to tie it.
Slowly I shaped a body and there was a lot of needling before it was ready to be mounted on the chair . Sitting there I could start to make the head/face, while Guri worked with the big net and she also made the wig with a few thin plaits in it. Guri also made the seat so it fitted with its color.
The back side of the chair should be as good to look at as the front, so it was mounted with a mirror that gives the chair an extra dimension. Little feathers were sewn into the net and along the floor the net was provided with tiny little wooden Pearls that keeps the net down.
There it was!!!!
For some days I was enjoying the chair and then I wanted to refresh the myth about Kraka that you can find in the Nordic stories and something magic happened. First of all- accidentally I opened the book exactly on the story about Kraka and Regnar Lodbrog and then the first sentence I read, told that Kraka was the daughter of GRIMA. -Now the Danish feltunion was named “Grima” 25 years ago, but it has never been
known as a name from the myth -Grima has been known as the name of a felt-mask found in the southern part of Denmark.

As Guri says: Yes, we think we are self ruling beings!


The “raw” chair with headshape -ready to be dressed.
I am working with the body shape.
Guri is making the machramé net.
The body shape is beeing tested on the chair.

The wig is beeing tested.
The net is beeing tested.
Kraka is ready.
The chair seen from the backside.
Here´s the Kraka chair with pearls at the ends of the net, and you can see the shooes.
Notice the way she holds her shooes- as if she thinks :”Should I stay or should I leave”.




  1. This is absolutely fabulous.

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