The head chair is now finished

Now Guri and I have finished our “head-chair”. To make it has been something like a journey of exploration. We new fairly good from the beginning what we wanted to do, but during the Work, many ideas occured on how to solve the job and techniques were invented. Some of these inventions have given inspiration to be used for some quite different things in the future. Things that I already look forward to make because I can see that it gives fantastic possibilyties for expression.
Below I try to show both the  general impression and details of the chair.
Guri has made the birch-bark work and the machrame and the crochet and together we plaited the wool, while I have needle felted the faces the bach and the edge of the seat.

Here´s the finished chair with all the details.


Here´s the frontside of the back with the ikon like face.


Below the head you can see the cross.

And the face even nearer.


Here are both faces and the legs with felted and plaited roots.


Here you see the naked back under the hair.


The hair on the back of the chair.


The chair from another angle.


The seat with the Birch bark and the plaited edge and the raw fleece edge.


The seat face even nearer so you can see the details – the cover of the mosaik cloth.


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