Self portrait

During the summer I have made experiments with needle felted portraits of women and for that I have developed a new technique that makes the faces look like painted pictures but still a with textile look. While I worked with the pictures, I found out that I wanted to try if I was able to make the pictures look like a certain person. At first I used a photo of my sister, which she had worked with at photo shop. It was  a very strange feeling, because when I reached her mouth I could feel, that it really was her and I had even the feeling, that behind, there was a resemblance with my mother.
When my sister´s circle of acquaintances also meant that it was like her, I dared to make a self portrait. At the beginning it worked all right and the likeness emerged the same way as with my sister portrait. Except that I had many problems with making my mouth and specially the teeth´s. But it has always been difficult to work with teeth´s on all my faces, so I just had to go on and at last I was satisfied. It was not so difficult to find out if other people also saw the resemblance, I just put the portrait on face book and asked: “May be you know her?”- and yes! I was recognized.

My sisters portrait


Self portrait


Detail of self portrait


Detail of self portrait


Self portrait




  1. hongjie ,zhao says

    wonderful Birgitte .

  2. Una Sassa says

    So very awesome ! Words fail me.

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