Private course with Alexandra from Germany

In the middle of November Alexandra from Germany was on a private course at my workshop and she wanted to learn how to make a baby figure.We had three very
cosy days, where Alexandra worked eagerly on her baby figure, while her husband with his camera went  out to explore Holbaek.
There are many details to learn on such a baby, where all the body parts are made first -and then needled together and after that the baby gets extra shapes on the surface. Needling the face takes most of a day and at last hands and feets are made and we could finish with each a wonderfull baby as I had made one too, to show Alexandra how to do it.


All the parts of the body are made


And the parts are needled together


The fingers are beeing made.


The Little boy is counting his fingers


Alexandra tries if he is alive.


The two boys play together


Looking out in the World around.


After three wonderful days


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