No doll of the month in April, but you can see the results from my private student Irmgard from Switzerland.

The whole last week I had a private student from Switzerland. The first half part of the week Irmgard learned how to “build” a landscape and the nexy half part of the week she made an eagle with the raw fleece technique. Irmgard was also on a course by me nearly exactly a year ago, where she learned to make a lions mask.
It was perfect that she could now stay at a hotel two minutes from my studio.
The landscape course was with the technique, where you make a fantasy-picture, that slowly comes forward the way you build the landscape.
At the eagle course you work with raw wool-stables and a piece of fleece for the body and wings, that already was felted on the sheep.


Irmgard with her landscape


Detail from the landscape


Irmgard with her eagle


Detail from the eagle





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