New project with an old chair in the leading part….

Right now I am working on a project together with my good friend Guri. With each our different techniques we make a sculpture out of the chair.
I have made a chair before for an exhibition where I was invited in connection with an international doll theater festival in Copenhagen.

Since that I have wanted to work with a chair again and a year ago I got a beautifull old chair that would be perfect for the idea I had.

Guri and I have worked together before, making lamps, where I made the felt and Guri used bark and dyed reindeer skin.
During the last year we have talked about the chair –and suddenly the basic idea was there –to how to make a sculpture.
A felted face, a lot of plaits made of wool and big pieces of birch bark was what we started with. A kind of mother earth sculpture.
When we had taken all the polstry off, the back of the chair emerged and looked exactly like an ikon or an altar with pillars at the sides and when we managed to mount the birch bark in the middle bow, it intensified the Ikon effect, where the felted womans face was supposed to sit and as the face was not meant to hide the birch bark, the idea came to needle felt the face on a transparent background and it was such a pleasure to find a piece of transparent material that was just perfect for this purpose.

Guri was the one who made the hair of the woman and that was meant to hang on the backside of the chair. After having tried several techniques she managed to make a beautiful plaited spun and chrochet
The seat of the chair has now also got a transparent face and the legs are about to be decorated with wool yarn and even more will happen……

The back of the chair with Birch bark montet in it, now looking like an alter.
Guri at the chair
The chair with the transparent faces on.
The wig on the backside of the chair.
The chair seen from the side.
This back will be mounted on the backside of the chair -under the wig.
The head that is now mounted on the seat of the chair so you can see the Birch bark throug it.



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