New course subject

I have had a new course subject for my latest course in Copenhagen.
We made fairytale trees with a lot of roots and rough bark effects . Some students also gave their trees life with side branches who looked like arms with hands on and there were hidden faces in the bark.
For the surfaces of the trunks I had carded a mix between rough and fine fibered wool with a touch of colors. There were also used different techniques to make holes in the trunks and little owls and mice were made for the holes.
Here below you can see examples of the students Works.


Helles tree


Mariannes tree


Monnas tree


Jyttes tree



  1. I like the fairy trees, I made a small one using your intuitive method from your book, New Felt. I love you work.

    • Birgitte Krag Hansen says

      Dear Andre
      Thank you for your comment. It brought me back to, how much inspiration it gives to work with the intuitive method and how I loved to see my students working with that. I fully understand you.
      Many warm thoughts sent to you

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