My second course with woman s portraits

Now I have had my second course with the new technique I developed for making women s portraits. It has been very very interesting to see how good results the sudents get. None of them had ever been drawing or painting a face before and then it is really surpricing that they can make a needle felted portrait. Another thing that is surpricing is that many of the portraits looked more or less like the photo the students had brought and that was really not expected -only that the students made a personal portrait.
During the course a new way of solving problems surpricingly appeared. One had by accident got a nose that turned too much left and another had too narrow ower the nosebridge and in both occasions we could lift the whole portrait from the foam and turn the nose the right way and draw in the wool so the nosebridge got broader.

I could really feel that it gave the students great satisfaction to stand with their finished results, and that they were even really surpriced of what they had made.


Very courageous -two of my students had chosen to needle felt the same woman.
The Danish artist Alice Monnerup.
It was so intereting to see how they worked with each their potrait.

Here you see my two students with their portraits:
Both of them very involved in the Danish felt union Grima.


Here you see their results.


This student made a portrait of her grand child.


Here´s the finished result.


Wonderful Whita with her self portrait.


More student portraits.


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