My latest exhibition

My latest exhibition together with 32 art and craft artists is now finished and you can see examples from it here. The theme was dogs and little singing birds. Two of the dogs had natural size and were made of raw fleece in which I had needled the faces and the legs into. There was also a lamp that I have made together with Guri Petersen who has made three sides out of reindeer skin dyed in henna and roibush, while I made the fourth side of the lamp that is a needle felted head of a dog. The lamp looks wonderfull when it is turned on. The birds were so little that I did not get any good pictures of them and they were all sold.

The Mother dog and the puppy

The mother dog and the puppy


The gallery

Dog lamp

The lamp

The lamp

The two dogs before leaving for the exhibition

The little puppy before leaving for the exhibition


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