My article in the magazine”Feltmatters”.

I have been invited to write an article about my latest exhibition in the international magazine “Feltmatters” and you can see it in the September edition.
It is a priviledge to have the opportunity to tell about my work and the thoughts behind it.
Especially this exhibition means a lot to me and I have worked on it for a long time.
I have made the exhibition together with my friend Guri Lundberg Petersen with whom I have been working before. Her technique is macrame while mine is needlefelt and we have found out that mixing our techniques is a perfect match.
The technique I use in this exhibition is a new technique that i have developed during the two latest years and it has been very exiting to see how much I could express with it.
Another thing is that that I found the technique by accident. I was looking for a textile that I could use as basic background for a needled photo and then I saw a textile that was ment for decoration on tables for partys.
When I started to needle my motive on that textile I could emediately see how many new possibilities there was in it, and from that on I have used it for many of my things and it showed up to be fantastic for me to work with.

This special exhibition that I have written about is build on this technique. The idea was to make a big room-installation with human size women. Guri made long macrame net-curtains hanging from the ceiling and I needled a group of human size women.
Those women were first needled on my special textile and then I could place them between Guris macrame cutains.
When we had finished the room-installation all the other things we made for the room were made so they referred to the installation some way or another. 

Here you can see examples from the exhibition: 

The front page from the magazine “FELTMATTERS”

A part of the roominstallation

Another part of the roominstallation

And one more part of the roominstaaltion

The two photos at the top of this photo are from the room around the roominstallation

This is also a work from the room around the roominstallation

-and one more work,this time with a thin textile that gives another shadow-effect





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