Guest once again at the Danish TV channel ”frihuset”.

When I showed my needle felted work at the TV channel “frihuset” last time I was invited, they were very impressed and they asked me if I would come again in December and show my Christmas pixies. I have during many years made a collection of my own pixies. Every year I took one or two pixies for myself and that way I have been able to use this collection for several Christmas exhibitions at galleries and other places, where I was invited. This year I am exhibiting at a theatre in Copenhagen and now -at this TV channel “Frihuset” again. This time it was much easier to come to the TV studio, that is situated on a beautiful old-fashioned farm.  I knew now how to arrange the table where I should be with my things and I knew the possibilities. I made an environment with my felted tree-trunks and my rainbow-dyed pieces of thin felt that looks like being in a wood. Then I could place all my different pixies there and arrange that I could demonstrate how to needle felt a little easy made pixie that is also shown in the book I have written about pixie felt. My host Lene, who had never tried to needle felt , expressed a wish of needling a pixie herself while I showed how to do it and she found it very exciting and she even managed to give her pixie a little Viking beard. When we had finished the little pixies I explained about the other pixies I had brought and then we went outside to try to place pixies in the trees, but it was blowing too much, so it had to be done the next day. I had also made an agreement to bring a very big Santa Claus, who should be in the loft and every day in December the camera should come and look what he did.

All the 4 guests, who had visited the farm that day, were now invited to dinner and we were lucky that it was on Thanksgiving Day, so we got traditional turkey with delicious accompaniment.


My two big flat pixies.


Detail from my table.



Detail from my table.


Detail from my table.


The advent wreath.


My table.


My two flat pixies.


My book from where I showed how to make the little easy pixie.


The “Thanksgiving” dinner is beeing prepared.


Lene and I ready to start


My felted tree-trunks.


Lene with her very first needle felted work- a little pixie viking.


This Little pixie and the pig were staying at the studio for the rest of December.


Those two stayed too.


Those two stayed outside.


-and here is the big old Santa Claus WHO the camera will find at the loft every day.


He also stayed.



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