From my course with women portraits.

During the latest two  years I have been working intence with needling different women portraits. I have developed my own techniques and have used it for big exhibition works as well as just studies of interesting womens expressions.
There has been very much interest about these portraits and my students have asked for courses with this tehnique. Therefore I  had to make a version of the technique that has made it possible to  to make a potrait on a course even though the students had never tried to make a face before.
Now you can see the results from the first course I had with this technique.
It was really interesting to see how the students used my technique and were able to make very fine and personal potraits.


Here´s the start of a potrait. Here my student has chosen to needle-felt her grandchild.


-and here´s the finished result.


A wonderful elderly lady.


An actress with white make up


Anne Maries Irish woman.


Inspired of an iconic photo.


Again a nice old lady.


Very fine expressions.


  1. oo do u think you will do a course online for this one…possibly?

    blessings n felt messings

    • Birgitte Krag Hansen says

      Dear Selki
      Sorry, but it will be impossible to make an online course with this difficult theme. I must be able to help the student all the way through the course with a lot of details.

      kind regards

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