Exhibition in Germany

From 17/1-7/2 I have been invited to join the  Art and Culture program on the exhibition FILZ at Guterschuppen in Westerstede in Germany
I will exhibit together with Birgit Scharman, Renate Schwalfenberg, Margit Wilken Brakenhoff, Ulrike Enders and Kornelia Sswat-Mollwitz.


A baby with a spider, two dogs made with raw fleece from spelsau and a baby angel.


  1. Konni Sswat-Mollwitz says

    Hello Birgitta, we missed you today, because we had a wonderful vernissage all together! Your dolls and pixies and and…… are so lovely! Hope to meet you at another exhibition! Yours Konni

  2. Birgitte Krag Hansen says

    Dear Konni
    Wish I could have been there to meet you all at the opening of the exhibition.
    I would so much have liked to see your work.
    Many greetings

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