Exhibition at Fjordgaarden

September the 3.  my exhibition “Felt in nature” opens at Fjordgaarden, that is an experience and learning farm that grows organic food. The place where the farm lies is really beautiful, lying down at waterside at the fjord. On the farm they have all the kinds of animals there used to be on a farm in the old days and among them gotland sheeps.

The exhibition opens the same day as the owners Janni and Johan Hansen celebrate that the harvest is in house. You can visit the farm and see and buy what they grow. See more at www.fjordgaarden.eu and on their facebook page.

For a long time I have looked for a suitable place, where my Felt in nature projekt would fit in. A project where my idea is, that the felted things are made with inspiration from the place where it is going to be placed and where the works will stay and fade with the nature, the same way as we did in the two projects I have made in Norway.

At last I by coincidence found the place, and Janni, who owns the farm together with her husband Johan, found the idea exiting, the idea of using the little pine forest close at the farm for the project.

I have made the project together with my friend Guri and where I make the felted masks, she makes dream catchers in makramé .

Below you can see examples of the masks and see the place where the masks are going to stay.

The harvest celebration.


The Pine forest where the masks are going to be exhibited.


One of the masks


One more exampel of the masks.


Is this a viking mask ?

Ready to be exhibited.


Guri is working on her dream catcher in my studio.


Jannie from the farm is holding a mask that is going to be placed on a stamp.






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