Everything is white.

This is the third project I have made together with my friend Guri. I have made the felted work and Guri has made all the white strings and the umbrella sculpture and the seat with special plants on.
The idea to this project came, when I got a lot of white carded wool from one of my students. As drawing croquis is one of my favorite things to do, I thought that combining my schetches with the white wool would be exiting.
Usually I make needle felted women scultures that are about 20 cm. high, but now I wanted to make a really big one sitting in an invironment that was all White, so she is about 50 cm high.
First I used my own scetches for the woman sculpture but as I worked my way through the sculpture I needed Guri in between to sit and show me some details and while I worked, Guri started to make the surroundings of long crochet strings provided with White pearls and bobble-plast cut in thin strings. She also stripped an umbrella and then wrapped it with white wool, and she made the seat for the sculpture providing it with a dried Sweedish plant.
To make the woman look even more white I gave her red nails both at hands and feet, and Guri found a few red Pearls for the strings.

The woman is still about to be sculptured.

The seat is about to be made.
Here she is at my studio and Guri is standing behind her.
Seen from the side.
Another angle.
Another angle.



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