Detektive work for the felt-museum in Mouzon in Northern France

I have some detective work I would like you to help me with

Two weeks ago I got a mail from Vincent Hadot, who is director of the felt-museum in Mouzon in Northern France.

He is making an inventory list for the museum and he is not able to find the name of the person, who has made a group of animals that are on the museum. He attached the three pictures that I show you here and asks if I know the name of the person who made them.

I am not able to recognize the animals and I am not even sure if they are needle-felted as Vincent Hadot writes: It looks more like they are wet-felted over a template and then shaped and stuffed afterwards.

Now I want to ask if any of you, who see this could help solving the mystery. Then I would be very glad to hear from you.

A funny thing in connection with this is, that in the 90´s the Danish felt-union Grima had an exhibition at the museum and the museum bought a group of my big trolls. Vincent Hadot is so kind to call my things “those trolls are part of the works I prefer”.


1. Things from the unknown feltmaker


2. Felted things from the unknown feltmaker


3. Things from the unknown feltmaker


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