Delayed pictures from my exhibition at Tuse Naes Kunsthaandvaerk

The autumn season 2016 was extremely busy with 3 exhibitions right after each other. 
Here I show pictures from one of these. 
I was very glad to have the opportunity to make this exhibition with the theme “women”.
I have been working for a long period with developing a technique for womens portraits and together with the personified chairs I have maid together with my friend Guri it was perfect for an exhibition.
I have also worked with a mixed media technique i have developed and shows it here.

Here you can see the personified chairs that I have made together with my friend
Guri, and in the background you can see the shaman owl-woman on the wall.
Here you see what we call a the floating chair. In the back of the chair I have needled
The faces of the family of Guri, from her great granmother who was from Lapland
and to herself as a baby. I have needles those faces into a special kind of material, 
that is transparent and that gives the floating feeling.

This is a needled portrait made with the technique I have developed during the last 
two years. The girl you see has this sad look because she has lost her memory and
she doesnt know who she is, when she walks into an asyl to ask for help.


This is an example of the mixed media technique where I have painted the faces of
the women with watercolor and then given them hair of sheep wool that is even plaited.





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