Christmas updating

It is about time to update my website again after a long busy period.
I have been working eagerly with my new techniques where I needle portraits on different quality of transparent textile.
I have also had rather many private courses and then “suddenly” Christmas was coming nearer and I had to concentrate on making pixies.
I love to make pixies once I have started and I want to work slowly with them so every little beeing gets personality and that means they are always sold out before Christmas.
This year the local newspaper wrote an article about my pixies and that meant that even more pixies were sold, and except that -every year I make a little group of pixies for an art and craft shop in Copenhagen and they called me and asked for more.

Even though I was busy felting pixies, I managed in the evenings to draw and paint watercolor-letters with landscapes and pixies for my usual Christmasletters. 

Here below you can see examples of my felted pixies and the drawings for Christmas-letters.

Here´s my marionet pixie.

Two pixies sent to the art and craft shop in Copenhagen.

A little grey-haired pixi -girl.

This is the last pixie I managed to make this year.

Here my pixies are on the front-page at the newspaper.

This little pixie-girl was an order made for a family.

And here´s the drawing for Christmas-letter.

One more drawing,

This pixie-family is also an order.

And here´s my marionet-pixie again.

-and again my marionet-pixie.

The little sweet pixie girl


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