Cat project

In January I began on a new project that had been in my thoughts for a long time. I have felted different kinds of cats during the years. Cats made as a relief, flat picture cats and really many little sculptured cats.
I have not used the felt needle very much with the barbs pointing the opposit way as I did not find it good for my purpose.

When I have felted cats as pictures I started to use a technique where i felt the cat with long hair. That means that I need to use merino in tops, so i can pick little portions of wool and needle them systematically down on the background I use with one end of the portion.

It showed up to be very exiting to work with as it gave many new effects, and here you can see examples from the serie of cats i have made.

A thing that gave extra effect was that i used black soft wollen textile to felt on, which made the cats show very clear on the background.

Example from my serie of cats.

Different cats together.

Little kitten where you easily can see my longhair-technique.

Again you can see my longhair-technique.

Sweet little kitten.

the effect when I felt on a big black piece of textile.

Again this little kitten felted on a big piece of wollen cloth.

Very long-haired cat.


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