Addi Quick – the new 3d-felting machine

I think you should know about this quite new machine that Jessica von der Fecht from Germany has developed. The machine is a little hand-tool that can felt 3-D and It will be in production and manufactured of the German firm Selter (Addi) and it is ready to be sold in October.

Jessica contacted me when she had nearly finished her machine and wanted me to judge if I thought her invention was something I could say good for. She came to me here in Denmark and demonstrated the machine and I tried it. Before I had tried it, I was a little doubtful if I could make any use of it, but when I tried it I could see that it was not only saving you for many movements of your hand but it was also able to give another needling effect than you can with your own movements because it works so very fast with the needle. I was very surprised of its way of working and had not imagined it could give that extra effect.

I will still work with the needle in my hand but I know that this machine can be useful for many things in my future work and I look forward to use it. You can read more about it on Jessica´s website and her blog.

The machine was presented at the handcraft-fair 23-25 march in Cologne this spring and Jessica told me it was a great success and that there had already come many orders from firms, among them a US firm has bought 10.000 and you can already see the machine on the website of two other firms.

 My friend Guri is making pixiehats with the Addi Quick felting-machine.

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