About my women-portrait project

I am getting more and more engaged in the women-portrait project that I have worked on for some time.
Right now I have been working with two different women models. I have wanted to make portraits, where I could work with different  expressions.

I startet to make a row of photos of both my models, where I asked them to try to express certain feelings. Now I could work with those photos and in between, especially one of the models sat live for me.
Now I wanted to try to make pencil sketch, watercolor painting and needlefelted portrait of the same expression and of the same woman. It showed up to look very interesting. I also made big water color paintings with two or three portraits on the same page.

Another thing I tryed, was to make a needlefelted portrait of my good friend Guri. She had shortly before got a part of her very long hair  cut off and I got the ponytail that was cut off, and I provided the needlefelted portrait with her own hair.
That gave such a surpricingly effect. (see below).            
I have still many ideas with different kinds of portraits that I want to work with, so what you see here is just a little of what I have worked with.               


Pencil-drawing of my live model.


Watercolor with two different portraits of my model put together.

My model needle-felted  alive on a piece of transparent textile, that could float

-hanging out in the room.

Two examles of my needle-felted model, also needled on pieces of transparent textile.

If you look carefully at this needle-felted woman you can also see that she is needled on
a piece of transparent textile so she can hang out in the room like she is floating in the air.

Here´s my good friend Guri -another of my models and on the next photos you can

see how I worked with her portrait.

Here I made a watercolor portrait of her.

-and here she is needlefelted on a piece of tranparent textile and as you can see
she has got her own hair.









  1. Hello. I’m just getting acquainted with felting and am trying to find your Pixie Felt book here in the U.S. It’s fascinating that you could use your friend’s hair on her felted likeness. Do you have classes online in English? A friend and I have tried felting on styrofoam balls but would like to do more than pumpkins. I like your sophisticated characters and would like to make them, too. I live in Woodland, WA,USA, and wonder if you travel over our way.
    Your work is so inspiring!

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