Doll Of The Month – May 2018

I am often contacted by visitors who would like to buy dolls they have seen in the picture galleries. But all of these dolls have been made as part of projects or have been pre-ordered a long time before they were made. Due to lack of time I only make a very limited number of dolls each year, but I have decided to make some of these dolls available on as “Doll of the month”.

Doll of the month for May is a little tree-stump spirit inspired from the forest.

I have been working with these little spirits since January and have made them in different shapes and with different little details, such as braids, hands and feet. For this one I have carded very rough wool together with fine fibered wool and added different colors.

The face is made as if it grew out where a branch had broken off and I have made it a little odd with this surprised look.

It is very exiting to make new variations and to shape the roots in funny ways.

The forest-spirit is 23 cm high.

The price is $ 175. This includes shipping. Only this pair is available so if you click on the “Buy Now”-link and the pair has already been sold you will get an error message. Click below if you would like to buy the pair. You will be taken to the website of PayPal where you can pay by credit card (you don’t need a PayPal-account). 

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