Doll Of The Month – June 2013

I am often contacted by visitors who would like to buy dolls they have seen in the picture galleries. But all of these dolls have been made as part of projects or have been pre-ordered a long time before they were made. Due to lack of time I only make a very limited number of dolls each year, but I have decided to make some of these dolls available on as “Doll of the month”.

Doll of the month in June is one of my very big things. This Woman-owl has just been exhibited at an event I took part in at Whitsun last week-end.

In Denmark we have a tradition at Whitsun where artists in different part of the country have open ateliers and people arrange tours where they choose which artists they want to visit. To take part in this you have to be censored and 62 artists were accepted this year.

I  exhibited at my friend the ceramist Karen Triers atelier so people had the opportunity of meeting two artists at the same address. Karen lives in a little village called Vallekilde. This village is a cultural center where several artists have settled around an “adult education college” builded of a famous architect called Martin Nyrop way back and he also builded many of the beautiful and very special houses in the village and among them the house of my friends. There were really many visitors and it is such a good way to get direct response on the things that are exhibited. I had my own room in the house and I had brought many  raw fleece, needle felted animals and I worked at the place on a raw fleece relief, so the visitors could follow the process.

The Woman owl is roughly 130×140 cm. She is not for sale.






  1. WOW! I love this one! Wonderful what wool can be…. 😉

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