Doll Of The Month – February 2013

I am often contacted by visitors who would like to buy dolls they have seen in the picture galleries. But all of these dolls have been made as part of projects or have been pre-ordered a long time before they were made. Due to lack of time I only make a very limited number of dolls each year, but I have decided to make some of these dolls available on as “Doll of the month”.

The doll of the month this February is a snow owl. I have worked very much with owls during the last years and with many kinds of owls so when we got a beautiful snow covered Denmark I had to find white wool that could fit for a snow owl.

First I made little tiny owls and every time I placed them in the window room at my workshop they were sold and then I made two more –and they were sold too, then I made this big snow owl and if you look carefully you will find that I have used 5 different kinds of wool for it to get the different texture that makes the wings, the body, the surroundings of the eyes and the beak.

The owl can hang on the wall or stand on a chest of drawers close to the wall or on a bookshelf.

The size of the owls is 34 cm. The price  is $ 150 and this includes shipping. Only the one dolls is available so if you click on the “Buy Now”-link and the dolls has already been sold you will get an error message.

Click below if you would like to buy the doll. You will be taken to the website of PayPal where you can pay by credit card (you don’t need a PayPal-account).












  1. zhaohongjie says

    Wow , so wonderful creation , I like her eyes very much . I was so excited with it .

  2. Jill Jackson says

    Hello Birgitte,
    I love your work, especially the Soft Granite Woman, Dancing Woman in Springtime and Old Man. I imagine all of these have been sold. If not please let me know. I have been looking for a gypsy doll made of fiber- do you have anything like this for sale. Your creations are alive and inspiring. Thank you for creating them. Jill

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