Doll Of The Month – December 2015

I am often contacted by visitors who would like to buy dolls they have seen in the picture galleries. But all of these dolls have been made as part of projects or have been pre-ordered a long time before they were made. Due to lack of time I only make a very limited number of dolls each year, but I have decided to make some of these dolls available on as “Doll of the month”.

Doll of the month in December is of course a pixie (in Danish a “NISSE”). It is made with a new technique that I have developed last year at Christmas time and used very much during this year. This technique gives a possibility of sculpting very varying positions that occurs while I am working with the pixie. It is a lot of fun to make it and I love to finish it with details as stockings and this traditional red pixie-hat. Even this hat has got something new. I have needled sparkling synthetic fibers on it that gives a little more feeling of a fairytale.

The pixie has also got a rope with him so you can make him climb either up or down the rope.

He is 30 cm high.

The price is $110. This includes shipping. Only the one doll is available so if you click on the “Buy Now”-link and the doll has already been sold you will get an error message. Click below if you would like to buy the doll. You will be taken to the website of PayPal where you can pay by credit card (you don’t need a PayPal-account).










  1. This doll is adorable. Such a fun and carefree little character! I love your style of sculptural needle felting, and have learned from Kay Petal’s DVD workshops. She gives you credit for what she does (which is wonderful work), and your style and methods are what I think of when I think of needle felting. I’m new to it, only been working with needle felting for a year, but I’m completely in love with it, and your pieces are truly inspiring for me! Thank you!

    • Birgitte Krag Hansen says

      Dear Cherie
      Thank you for your comment. It really gives me extra inspiration for my work. Also nice to get a kind of greeting from Kay Petal, who was my very special student when I gave courses in Alaska.
      I understand that you are in love with needle felt. For me it has been a life long love and developing new techniques newer stops.
      Wish you many good hours with the needlefelt in the future.

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