Arm and handTekstboks: The arm and  hand is made like this:

1) First you needle an arm that consists of a forearm and an upper arm.

2) Then you needle the palm of the hand and needle the fingers onto  that.

The arm and hand consists of following parts:

 1)        Forearm
 2)        Flat piece for upper arm
 3)        Wool for palm of hand
 4)        Wool for  fingers

Felting the arm

First you need to felt the arm to get something to place the hand on.

You roll a 6 cm cigar-shaped form that is pointed at one end.

Then you needle a thin flat 7x7 cm piece for the upper arm.

You wrap this flat piece around the thick end of the forearm and needle it on so it stays hollow, which gives it a very movable way of bending and acting.

Now we are ready to make the hand that will be attached to the arm.

Felting the palm of the hand

How many fingers does a hand have?

My figures have only got four fingers. The thumb and three more—that is to show that they are special beings - or perhaps it is an excuse because it is much easier to give it four fingers J



Here are the pieces of carded wool in skin-color that you need for the hand.


Note that the piece you should use for the palm of the hand is bended at one of the long sides.

Bend the loose end in over the shape, needle it and you now have the palm of the hand.

At the last photo you can now see the arm with the palm of the hand and beside it a drinking straw that you are going to use for making the fingers. See next page.

Take the bended piece and wrap it around the pointed end (the wrist) of the forearm and needle it on.