Welcome to Online Course 3Tekstboks: On this course you can learn how to needle-felt a hand that can be used for many kinds of figures.

The hand can be made in any size you need.

Compared to my other online courses this is a short and very basic course.
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Time needed:
You will need about one hour (depending on how experienced you are).


Qualifications needed:

You need to know a little about how to needle-felt in order to be able to follow this course.

By looking at photos of the working procedure

By following the instructive text and drawings

The course will show you how to work step by step

By watching video of the working procedure

Tekstboks: Normally on my online courses you will have the possibility of asking questions to me on an interactive message board. Since this very basic course is free that option is not available here.

Materials needed:

- A medium gauge felt needle (gauge 40)

- A piece of foam rubber aproximately 30x30x5 cm.

- Carded wool—of a quality that is not too long-fibered and that can contain much air

- A drinking straw (about 3-4 mm in diameter)




The felting needle and how it works:


There are many different kinds of felting needles, each of which has a special function. At first it can be difficult to tell one kind of needle and its oblique incisions (barbs) from another.The needles seem much alike, but after having used them for a while, you quickly sense that there is a big difference.


The sharp end is made of hard-fired steel, which means that it has been possible to make it extra sharp and make sure that it maintains this sharpness. The needle has three cuts down its sides like a leather needle. These cuts have barbs angled downwards towards the point of the needle.


When the needle is stuck into the wollen material the barbs get hold of the wool fibres and pass them down.


The more you needle, the more densely the fibres are ”worked” together until they finally form a material that is so firm that it is impossible to rip it apart. This means that it is not necessary to finish it by felting with soapy water.


Don´t use merino carded in tops! It does not work for needle felting.