Holiday – with a new helper to take over!!!

I will be on holiday from October 5.-12. In this period I will not be able to send books and give you acces to onlinecourses. – even though I have hired the little soft guy you see here as my new helper 🙂

Course weekend at the Danish feltunion Grima

The Danish feltunion Grima has now had its yearly event with 5 different courses. Here you can see some of the results from the students Work.


I have summer holiday from July 10.-24.
You can order books in that period and sign for online courses, but I will not be able to send your books and give you acces untill I am back again.
In August my calendar is already full. First I am joining the yearly exhibition in a wonderfull wooden warehouse together with a Group of art and craft people, and after that the Danish felt union

This winter has really given me challenges

This winter has really given many different challenges. At my studio I have had several private courses and it is a very exiting way to teach.My group courses have got a new theme.

The 2012 course season is finished

I have now finished the course season for 2012 and in my workshop many kinds of pixies, angels and Santa Claus figures are giving a cozy atmosphere of Christmas.

Addi Quick – the new 3d-felting machine

The new felting machine ADDI QUICK. I think you should know about this quite new machine that Jessica von der Fecht from Germany has developed.

My latest exhibition

My latest exhibition together with 32 art and craft artists is now finished and here I show examples from the dogs that were one of the themes for the exhibition.

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to the new version of my website. The layout has changed, many of the pages have been updated, the picture galleries have been improved and you can now leave comments on my blog. I am also working on more new content that will be added soon.

No doll of the month in August

As I am on holiday and have courses this month, there will be no “Doll of the month” in August. Right now I am joining an exhibition here in Denmark and later this month there will be an international course week-end arranged by the Danish feltunion GRIMA. I will teach how to needle-felt faces and how to give them different expressions.

My next exhibition

Now I am ready with the things I have made for my next exhibition. One of the themes I have worked with for this exhibition is dogs and like at my last exhibition, I have also here worked together with Guri Petersen, who has her shop next to my studio. Among the things we made is a lamp, where she made her part with reindeer skin, while I made mine with needlefelt.