The “KRAKA” chair.

Now our chair number two is finished. Again it has been a great pleasure to work together with my friend Guri on making this idea get alive. This chair is quite different from the first one we made. After I have been drawing croquis for two seasons, I got the basic idea already while we worked with […]

The head chair is now finished

Now Guri and I have finished our “head-chair”. To make it has been something like a journey of exploration. We new fairly good from the beginning

New project with an old chair in the leading part….

Right now I am working on a project together with my good friend Guri. With each our different techniques we make a sculpture out of the chair.
I have made a chair before for an exhibition where I was invited in connection with an international doll theater festival in Copenhagen.

Since that I have wanted to work with a chair again and a year ago I got a beautifull old chair that would be perfect for the idea I had.


Here I show you some examples of the pixies I have made this Christmas. Many of them are already sold, so I am glad, I have photoes of them. I have tried to place them in little groups and some are still in my workshop.

Private course with Alexandra from Germany

In the middle of November Alexandra from Germany was on a private course at my workshop and she wanted to learn how to make a baby figure.We had three very
cosy days, where Alexandra worked eagerly on her baby figure, while her husband with his camera went out to explore Holbaek.

Self portrait

During the summer I have made experiments with needle felted portraits of women and for that I have developed a new technique that makes the faces look like painted pictures but still a with textile look

My student Pippa Sweeney from Ireland has now finished her “one to one” course at my studio

My student Pippa Sweeney from Ireland has now finished her “one to one” course at my studio. The theme she has learned, was to needle felt a head and a hand in life size –and needle them onto a big piece of raw fleece

My little green man

Here’s a video of my little green theatre figure. He shows a little of what he can do. He is very easy to act with and to make look alive, because he is made with a technique that makes him very movable.

Time for more experiments

How good it is to have plenty of time for experiments. Here I have worked with the expression of the eyes and then also with how different the hair can make the face look.

A summer with time for experiments

I have had my latest exhibition this season and I have said no to any arrangements this summer, so i feel free to make experiments at my workshop that I wanted for a long time to try. Here is the first result of a new technique for a womans face, where i use a mix between machine needlefelt and my own rainbow-dyed carded wool. This technique gives an expression that is quite different from my aquarelle technique that I used for my faces untill now.