Doll Of The Month – December 2012

This month I have, as I use to do every year, chosen a pixie as doll of the month here in December. My workshop is already full of all my very different pixies and the one I have chosen for you is this Father Christmas with his white beard and his red braces. He has even a repaired hole on the knee of his trousers.

Doll Of The Month – November 2012

The dolls of the month for this November are two little singing birds. They have nearly natural size and they are from this technique for birds I have worked with the last half year. I love to study the birds and find pictures of them until I know in every detail how this certain bird, that I will make, looks. I use a very very fine rainbow dyed merino for them, so I have all the shades of beautiful colors I need to make them look alive.

Doll Of The Month – October 2012

This month I have selected one of my lamps as doll of the month. I have made the lamp with my friend Guri Petersen who has made three sides of the lamp which are made of skin from reindeer. The skin is dyed in henna and roibush and has a wonderful warm golden brown color when the lamp is turned on.

Doll Of The Month – September 2012

This dog that is doll of the month in September is needled basically on a cylindered shape with a head needled onto it. The cylinder is chosen because I wanted to show how the staples of wool can be used one by one and how clear you can see the staples the way they are needled on from bottom to top.

Doll Of The Month – July 2012

This month I have made a woodpecker that is doll of the month. The last half year I have worked with wolves as theme for the exhibition that is now finished. I have now started working on my next exhibition, that has a theme with dogs and then there will also be a group of little singing birds on this next exhibition.

Doll Of The Month – June 2012

This month I have chosen again not to have a doll for sale, but to let some of the things I have shown on the latest exhibition be my dolls of the month. As I have told earlier on my website the theme on this exhibition was “Northern Light” and that inspired me to use the wolf as my main theme and I have worked with it in different ways.