Doll Of The Month – February 2017

Doll of the month for February is this little grandmother that has been forced to come out in the cold but wonderful sunny weather. She is wearing this woollen dress that cowers the whole body and then she has her white silk panties on.

Doll Of The Month – January 2017

I am often contacted by visitors who would like to buy dolls they have seen in the picture galleries. But all of these dolls have been made as part of projects or have been pre-ordered a long time before they were made. Due to lack of time I only make a very limited number of […]

Doll Of The Month – December 2016

Doll of the month this December is this little pixie, that is a typical Scandinavian thing. We call him “nisse”. He can be both very kind and helpful, but he can also be one, who is teasing you if you don’t treat him well. The way you see him here – with his finger at his mouth – shows that he is thinking on how he can tease you this time.

Doll Of The Month – August 2016

Doll of the month in August is this old fat witch with her long thin legs. The inspiration for her came from the old Danish tradition called Sct Hans, where we late June build a big fire and gather around it, singing our special Sct Hans song and from ancient time the witch was burned on this fire.

Doll Of The Month – June 2016

Doll of the month this June is inspired of all the wonderful green spring colors we see around us right now. There are even two dolls because they will illustrate all the little new green sprouts that explode up from the earth. When you take those little beings in your hand you will see, that they get alive in a very funny way when you start to move their legs in a walking way. That means you can use them to act with or as story telling dolls.

Doll Of The Month – April 2016

Doll of the month for April is a soft granite woman!!! She is sculptured with Gotland wool that is used raw, but I have loosened the stables before I start to use them. The doll will then get a surface that reminds of granite.

Doll Of The Month – February 2016

This month the doll is a little nature-boy with wild hair and even two thin plaits on the back of the neck. The inspiration for this little being came from some wonderful carded fleece I had, that looked exactly like the surface of a tree-trunk or something else from the nature.

Doll Of The Month – January 2016

Doll of the month in January is this little brown dog made with raw fleece. First I made a basic body-shape of spelsau-wool carded on my electric carding machine. On this basic shape I made the surface details on the head-shape with the technique I have developed for animals.

Doll Of The Month – December 2015

Doll of the month in December is of course a pixie (in Danish a “NISSE”). It is made with a new technique that I have developed last year at Christmas time and used very much during this year. This technique gives a possibility of sculpting very varying positions that occurs while I am working with the pixie.

Doll Of The Month – November 2015

This month the snow-leopard is doll of the month. As it very often is the case, the inspiration to make this animal came, when I found a piece of wool that already had felted on the sheep to a shape that gave the idea to the snow leopard. The piece is from a Norwegian wild sheep that lives year round in the mountains.