Doll Of The Month – June 2013

Doll of the month in June is one of my very big things. This Woman-owl has just been exhibited at an event I took part in at Whitsun last week-end. In Denmark we have a tradition at Whitsun where artists in different part of the country have open ateliers and people arrange tours where they choose which artists they want to visit. To take part in this you have to be censored and 62 artists were accepted this year.

Doll Of The Month – May 2013

Doll of the month in May is made with the technique I call “soft granite”. I have used raw wool from the Gotland sheep and at first I make the wool loose for the whole doll by spreading the fibers in each staple and that makes the wool airy and easy to work with. That means that I do not card the wool but use it directly to shape with.

Doll Of The Month – April 2013

Doll of the month for April is this little polar bear skin made of a piece of raw fleece that was already felted on the sheep. I then needle felted a piece of carded wool and placed the raw fleece on top of it and needled it carefully to it so it had both a good backside and a fine upper side.

This winter has really given me challenges

This winter has really given many different challenges. At my studio I have had several private courses and it is a very exiting way to teach.My group courses have got a new theme.

Doll Of The Month – March 2013

The doll of the month for March is this grey striped cat that is sitting in the spring sunshine. The cat is needle felted with wool from a German factory where they produce yarn for knitting and they had a lot of waste, which could not be used for anything, but for me it was perfect because it was dyed in stripes that inspired to make cats.

Doll Of The Month – February 2013

The doll of the month this February is a snow owl. I have worked very much with owls during the last years and with many kinds of owls so when we got a beautiful snow covered Denmark I had to find white wool that could fit for a snow owl.

Doll Of The Month – January 2013

The new year begins with this little snow-white kitten that looks a little anxious being out in the big nature for the first time. I was inspired to make the kitten because I got some very beautiful home-carded finn-wool from one of my customers, and for a while I had wanted to make a little cat so here was the opportunity.

Doll Of The Month – December 2012

This month I have, as I use to do every year, chosen a pixie as doll of the month here in December. My workshop is already full of all my very different pixies and the one I have chosen for you is this Father Christmas with his white beard and his red braces. He has even a repaired hole on the knee of his trousers.

The 2012 course season is finished

I have now finished the course season for 2012 and in my workshop many kinds of pixies, angels and Santa Claus figures are giving a cozy atmosphere of Christmas.

Addi Quick – the new 3d-felting machine

The new felting machine ADDI QUICK. I think you should know about this quite new machine that Jessica von der Fecht from Germany has developed.